Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Little Ode To Woodstock

In my constant quest to get organized I have been going through some boxes of old photos this week and scanned these to share. Are you old enough to remember Woodstock? I certainly am, but I was a bit young and too naive to attend (according to my parents). Hmmm, I don't know about that, but the big event celebrated it's 40th anniversary this past weekend....and in my little tribute I have these photos of the era to share with you. These were taken by mon cher cousin Philippe in Paris and given to me many moons ago ( cannot have them back!). I don't think that any of these artists performed at Woodstock...but you get the picture!

Bob Dylan ~ great 'fro!

Luscious lips himself ~ Mick Jagger

Unless you are living under a know!

The late Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones

Philippe (amateur paparazzi!) and Mick Jagger

Mick obessed. A signed photo!
Ahhhh Paul was so cute!
Who are these clowns? Errrr....Me and Mr. Fufu as rockers at a Halloween party awhile ago. Don't laugh too hard!

Rock on and will ttys!



Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

I like them all, but love the last one the best. Thanks for making me smile, Janet. Does Mr. Fufu know you've shared that photo? I did try to click to enlarge it but as you said earlier, non!

The photos in Paris are fantastic - thanks for sharing them with us.

Off to dig up a photo of my hubby as a knight at Halloween ;)

Tutti Chic said...

Great post fufu!! I too remember woodstock but was a mere 12 years old & don't think mom & dad would let me out of the house never mind the state!LOL!! You & Mr Fufu look adorable! xoxo tutts

cinner said...

Hah Janet I would have loved to be your costumes, uou probably had lots of fun!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

They are wonderful Janet. What fab times! Mick looks so young. He can still move like a young man! Love the shot of you and your husband! xx

Roberta said...

What a fun tribute to Woodstock Janet. A signed photo of Mick Jagger? Get out!! I hope Phillipe doesn't see this post. Thanks for sharing. xo Roberta

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Janet!!! I just received my gorgeous box of goodies from you! Oh my gosh!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Everything is soooo beautiful!! I love the box you made! Just beautiful and has all my favorite things on it! I am dying over the A bottle!! It is exquisite! I love it so much!! And all of the gorgeous supplies! On I feel so spoiled!! And thank you so much for still sending me the book! I am thrilled to have two copies! Thank you Janet, it means so much to me and I will cherish it all!!!
Love and hugs,

Barb said...

Thank you for the walk back in time. I am old enough to remember.

You and hubs look spectacular-go rockers!


Cottage Rose said...

I love the last photo... you two are just do darn cute together.... you had fun though... and the other ones so so great... thanks for sharing,,, hey 40yrs ago I was 11 mom said I was too young to go too.... oops gave my age.. darn..........


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Ooh Janet, you and Mr. Fufu look adorable! Yes, of course I remember ALL of those people! And I do remember Woodstock, although I had no desire to attend... I was in love with the Beach Boys at the time! (I still am!) I recently started a blog of my own, I would love to have you drop in for a visit... I have chatted with you so many times in our emails back and forth when I visit your shop, but would love a visit as well... Speaking of your shop, I am off for a look now! Will you be getting any more of those wonderful little Putz houses this year for Christmas? I would love more to go with my pink one from you last year... Julie Marie

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Janet

Yes of course I remember Woodstock - no chance of going for me, number one I was too young and number two we live in Australia, just a minor issue really! We had a local way smaller scaled one here called "Sunbury" - those where the days!!

Loved your photos

Fund post!!


Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: Thanks for stopping by my blog. That piece you were asking about is part of the plate behind the tea pot. I love all your pictures. Martha


Hi Janet. Love all these fun pictures. Such sweet memories! Thanks for sharing all of them.

XO Brook

June said...

I didn't laugh, I promise Janet.
If you look behind ne you won't see my fingers crossed either.
Thank you for the sweet message about my garden.